The Torch Top 5, March 17th

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5) Terminator kinda sequel, kinda reboot announced

The next instalment in the Terminator series will begin filming shortly. Terminator: Genesis will take place around the same time as the first two movies and follow Sarah Connor once again, but this time we will get to see things from the other side.
In a style similar to Back To The Future, director Alan Taylor wants to show the original events from a different perspective.

4)  Guitar Hero goes Children’s Author

Rock legend Keith Richards from Rolling Stones has found a new career. In a story inspired by his grandfather and illustrations by his daughter, Richards is about to publish a children’s book.
Richards just became a grandfather himself, for the fifth time, so he really knows what he’s talking about.

3) EU bans phone chargers

On Thursday, EU politicians backed a regulation that will force smartphone makers to only use one type of charger. The bill will help reduce electronic waste and reduces the need for several chargers in the same home.
Apple, one of the few manufacturers that haven’t gone over to the standard mini-USB charger, was surprisingly one of the first backers of the new bill.

2) Lady Gaga accused of fraud

Charity foundation “Born This Way”, started by Lady Gaga, has been accused of squandering away most of its donations to legal fees and promotions. Based on a tax report from the foundations, millions of dollars were spent on promoting and securing the foundation, while only 5000 dollars reached its intended destination.
According to Gaga and her co-founder Cynthia Germanotta, this is just a misunderstanding of the tax report. They both assure their donors that most money reached the intended charities.

1) SL Go met with backlash

SL GO, a mobile client for Second Life, recently went to Open Beta. The viewer looks and performs much like the standard SL Viewer. However, it was met with huge criticism due to its pricing.
Unlike its contenders that either work on a monthly subscription or initial purchase model, SL GO has an hourly rate of as much as 8$ per hour.
You can try the viewer out on any android device for 20 minutes for free on

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