The Torch Top 5 ( 28/10/2013

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OUYA to hit Target next month

The world’s first indie gaming console, the Android-based OUYA, has already been released in some Target stores. Next month, the retail partner will get full access to the console. All 1800 Target stores in the US will start selling the miniature gaming device and a demo display is announced for 2014.
OUYA made headlines when they applied for crowd-funding and reached their goal of $8 million within hours. In addition to it being the first indie console, it is also the world’s first Android-based and the world’s smallest gaming console.

Second Life Terms of Service Causing Controversy

The new Second Life Terms of Service has been causing controversy among the content creators of the virtual world. The recently changed ToS states that Linden Lab now has full rights to use, reproduce or sell the content Residents have created within Second Life. They neither have to inform the creator or share eventual revenue.

This news created an uproar among the creator community and polls showed that as much as 50% of the creators might be leaving Second Life because of this.

This change in the ToS is similar to the one that recently shook social networks Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Although none of the companies have used the user generated content in any way that harms their users, people seems to be afraid that Linden Lab will be the first to do so.

Neil Young Returns with New Archive Album

Musician Neil Young is set to release his newest Archive Performance. The album, entitled, “Live At The Cellar Door,” is the latest in his Archive Performances Series. It contains a collection of recordings made during Young’s solo performance at The Cellar Door in Washington DC in 1970. The album includes tracks such as ‘Gold Rush’ ‘Tell Me Why’ and ‘Only Love can Break Your Heart’.  It is scheduled to be released on December 9th,  2013.

Iran lifting part of book ban

Iran has long had a strict censorship on media, with books having suffered greatly due to this policy.  The new Minister of Culture, Ali Jannati, has said that his office will re-evaluate their policies when it comes to books. President Hassan Rouhani has already made strong signals to support this in the landmark first phone conference with America since 1979.
Some books that are on the short-list for unbanning include the “DaVinci Code” and “Girl With A Pearl Earing.”

Apple kills Flash banners

iPhones, Macs and iPads have been known for having poor battery life. Apple said they have found a major source of battery drain to be the banner ads that appear on many websites. They have announced that their next update to Safari will include a function that will stop these banners from playing unless the user specifically clicks on them.
This has caused some controversy, as these banners are the main source of income for many websites. A prediction made by Swedish technology magazine Resumé showed that as much as 10% of the global ad revenue could be affected by this change.

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