The Torch Top 5 – 25/11-2013

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1) Both Sony and Microsoft break milestone sales

Sony Playstation 4 launched the second week of November and the Microsoft Xbox One in the third week. Both consoles sold over one million in less than 24 hours of their respective launches. However, day-after-the-launch reports indicated that several of the Sony machines arrived in a broken or unplayable state. Microsoft has announced they held back a percentage of the manufactured machines in order to replace broken machines right away.

2) WinAmp may be sold or closed

AOL bought the media player and streaming software WinAmp in 1999. Along with the streaming server service Shoutcast, the top internet radio streamer, it has been the number one choice for many internet DJs over the years.
Last week, AOL announced they will close down WinAmp and Shoutcast, but then disclosed that they will possibly sell it to Microsoft.
If Microsoft buys the software, it may be integrated to the Xbox personal radio features for streaming music straight to or from your console.

3) Hammer remakes classic yeti film

Classic horror giant Hammer Films has announced that they are working on a remake of the 1950’s film Abominable Snowman. The first film, also by Hammer Films, starred horror icons Peter Cushing and Forrest Tucker in 1957. The new iteration will take a more modern approach and will be written by Matthew Read, known for his previous movie Pusher and Jon Crocker of Angel of Death fame.

4) 50 Shades literally goes viral

Researchers from University of Leuven in Belgium ran chemical tests on the 10 most-borrowed books of all time in libraries. On this list were 50 Shades Of Grey by EL James, a book known for its adult subjects.
The chemical analysis of the books showed not only traces of cocaine on all 10 titles, but two titles, 50 Shades Of Grey and Tango, both gave positive results for STDs. All copies tested of 50 Shades had, among other things, traces of herpies.
The researchers assured the readers that the books do not contain more than a trace and are not harmful for any future reader.

5) Second Life gets better mesh

The experimental project Fitted Mesh Viewer was launched recently by Linden Lab. The new type of viewer is made especially with Mesh in mind and offers additional collision detection to present a more realistic and dynamically fitted mesh garment.
The new system will not only work for human avatars, but a wide range of avatar types.
Linden Lab promises that this new technique will eliminate the problems creators have had with making mesh clothes for different sizes and shapes of avatars.

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