The Torch Top 5 (23/08/2013)

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5) Scientists perfect the Ion Thruster
Formerly passed to the Science-Fiction realms, the Ion Thruster, a thruster driven by electricity instead of fuel, has now been developed for real. The 7-kilowatt drive will propel future probes and space crafts up to 12 times more efficient than its chemical counterpart.
Way to go, Science!

4) Reef goes from Rambo to Terminator
Reef Entertainment, the company behind the soon-to-be released Rambo game have already announced that their next title will be Terminators. The game will be based on the universe created by the first two movies and ignore the last two movies completely.

3) Crowdfunded comic shines new light on male heroes
New York-based author Steve Orlando has created a comic that takes a new spin on the male hero trying to save his loved one. Virgil is about a cop in Jamaica that was left for dead when others found out he was gay. Bringing himself back from the ashes, he sets out to find his kidnapped lover.
Orlando now seeks help through the crowdfunding site to get funds for printing and publishing the comic.

2) Yoko Ono takes to the dancefloor with remixes
Ten years after her dancefloor domination as her alter-ego ONO, Yoko Ono has teamed with house music legend Danny Tenagelia and Dutch heavyweight R3HAB to bring a series of remixes based on her 1981 hit Walking On Thin Ice.
Walking On Thin Ice was originally recorded during the ‘Double Fantasy’ recording session with John Lennon and was the last recording made with both John and Yoko. This new rendition will be called Walking On Ice 2013.

1) Stephanie Meyer Promises Not to Write Another Word About Twilight
Stephanie Meyers, author of the successful Twilight franchise has promised to not write another word about it. According to the Guardian, in a Variety interview the author commented that she would only return to the franchise if it meant writing that one of the characters died.  Meyers also states that she is moving away from the Twilight stories.

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