The Torch Top 5 – 18/11 2013

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1) Google responds to critics about Youtube changes

In a response to one of the many youtubers that have asked “Why, Google, why?”, the people responsible for the recent changes on the popular video site have sent out an open letter. In this letter they explain why they did what they did.
As many of the most prominent channels had to close down their comment sections completely in order to protect their viewers, Google has come with a quick solution to the most fierce of the problems. It is a rough solution, but they have promised to revamp the comment system again.
Google also responded to why people need to connect to Google Plus, but failed to mention any reason for the casual viewer to subscribe to G+.  All of the reasons state were for channel owners only, even though the vast majority with a Youtube account don’t have a single uploaded video.
If you wish to read the open letter, check out the video posted on channel Unit Lost.

2) Indie book stores looks outside the spotlight

Indie book stores in UK have taken a big step away from the chain stores in their Christmas lineups. A vast majority of the stores have chosen to highlight “quirky but a little different” books that most chains have overlooked instead of going by the top seller lists.
This is a marking of territory by the smaller shops as they feel they need something different to offer the consumer.
Indie book stores have been hit hard in recent years in the UK. Compared to 10 years ago, there are only about half the stores left. The rest have either been shut down or bought by the major chains.
The remaining stores hope that this tactic will not only benefit themselves, but also the customers and the lesser known publishers and authors that haven’t managed to reach the spotlight yet.

3) Doctor Who turns 50 years old

On November 23rd 1963 a new series hit the televisions in UK. It was a run-of-the-mill Sci-Fi about an ancient man, his granddaughter and her two teachers traveling time and space in a small blue police phone box.
The road for The Doctor has been bumpy and on Saturday the 23rd it has been 50 years since the first episode aired. BBC is celebrating by airing a feature-length episode of Doctor Who with many of the big characters from the show and no less than 2 of the most popular incarnations of The Doctor. Both the 10th, played by David Tennant, and the 11th, played by Matt Smith, will be the main characters, along with some of their companions.

London City in Second Life will have a huge event celebrating this landmark moment in television history. The Torch will have more information closer to the event.

4) Jack White gets tribute from the stars

Big names in the music industry often pay tribute to the classic stars of the past, but it’s not often you see them paying tribute to a current artist.
Jack White, known from The White Stripes and Racantours, has had an instrumental role for many of our current big rock stars. These stars have now decided to create “Rockin’ Legends Pay Tribute to Jack White.”  The album will feature 14 songs, previously sung by White and now made by stars such as Walter Lure, The Denver Broncos and Rejected Youth Nation.

5) Canadian university breaks quantum record

Quantum computing is the next evolution in computer science, but the “qubits” of information have so far been unstable. Recently, scientists at Simon Fraser University in Canada have managed to keep a “qubit” alive for 39 minutes at room temperature, breaking the world record and a key barrier by about 100 times.  The previous record held was about 25 seconds in room temperature and 5 minutes under cryogenic conditions.
“Qubits” are superior to regular silicone chips because they can have both the states “1” and “0” at the same time. This allows for multiple calculations at once.
The silicone chips used now are estimated to reach their peak capacity in 2020, after which computers will be forced to either use “qubits” or break the current streak of doubling in power each year since the mid-1800’s.

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