The Torch Top 5 10/21/2013

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1) InWorldz InShape hits BETA

InShape is a system that hooks up your smartphone to your computer and monitors your excercise. It will then transform your movements to your avatars movements in InWorldz. This makes it possible to get a truly interactive experience when excercising. It even opens up for things like group spinning passes in your own living room.
It will be exciting to see what environments people create for their daily jogging round.
InShape is currently looking for BETA testers to test this system out, you can apply on their website:

2) Morrissey launches autobiography, only signs in Sweden

Singer Morrissey have had a very successful career, where he has managed to both stay on the indie scene while landing several hits on the major lists.He has now launched his memoires but in an odd choice, he choose shopping centre Nordstan in Gothemburg, Sweden to be the only place in Europe where he’d sign the book. Fans waited for up to 30 hours outside the book shop in the mall by the canal.

3) Snoop changes name… again

A while back we reported that famous rapper Snoop Dogg changed name to Snoop Lion and style to reggae. He announced last week that he’ll go back to his roots again, this time trying a funkier side. Alongside electro-funk DJ Dam-Funk, he will now release his latest project named “7 Days of Funk”.
The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg now wants to be called Snoopzilla in honour of funkmaster Bootsy Collins, who sometimes went under the name Bootzilla.

4) Isle of Dee sank into the ocean

Due to unforeseen events, the sim Isle of Dee was reclaimed by Linden Lab. Convinced to not be defeated by this, the roleplayers decided to let the sim go out in style and held a 6 hour long party in celebration as they watched the entire island slowly descend into the ocean.
There is a new location where the roleplay will continiue, ask in the group City Of Dee for a landmark to the new location. Dee will continue!

5) Several newly released games suffer from savegame issues

The newly released Pokemon X & Y have a serious bug that causes players to loose their savegame states if they save in certain regions. Since the game is so long, it is a disaster for many players, but Nintendo promises to fix this bug as soon as possible.
Incidentally, the port from Games for Windows to Steam has caused every player to loose their saved game for the game Batman: Arkham Asylum. Publisher Warner Brothers Co. apologizes for this but states there is no way around it. All players will now have to start from scratch.
Grand Theft Auto has suffered similar problems in its single player campaign.
Fans of these series have now demanded that the developers test their games further before releasing them, as bugs seems to be the norm rather than exception in later years.
Game reviewer Joe Vargas, known as Angry Joe, has stated “This might be excused for lesser titles, but we’re talking about full-priced triple-A games here”.

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