The Torch Top 5 (09/08/2013)

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5 Katy Perry New Single Hit Number 1

Pop star Katy Perry celebrates her 8th number 1 hit in the Billboard Top 100 with her recent single ‘Roar’ from the new platinum selling album ‘Prism’. In 2010 Perry became the first female music artist in chart history to score six number 1 hits in the Billboard Top 100.

4. Microsoft Hit and Miss

It has not been a great year for Microsoft and their new game console the Xbox One. They have hit headlines once again, this time with the commercial for the Xbox One which forgot to advertise the gaming section of the console. The advert featured a football game, Skype and Windows integration but failed to mention that customers could play video games and what games would be available to them. Earlier this year Microsoft was met with backlash after they tried to pass a DRM Always Online Policy and added a fee on game sharing.

3. Desura Becomes a part of Linden Lab

Digital distribution service Desura has been acquired by Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, Patterns, and Creatorverse. The acquisition, which took place in July of this year, is the second for the virtual world company which also acquired Blockworld, a iPad game which will soon be released. CEO of Linden Lab Rod Humble comments on Desura’s merger:

“Desura’s talented team, thriving business, and impressive technology are a great fit for Linden Lab. This acquisition gives us a global platform for serving creative developers of all kinds, and we’re looking forward to growing both Desura’s global community of gamers and its fantastic portfolio of thousands of games, mods, and other content. Our aim is to invest and support the Desura team in making it the most open and developer-friendly platform in the world.”

2. Hotline Miami 2 Scene Causes Controversy

Hotline Miami 2 has cause controversy with a scene that portrays sexual assault. Developers have been reviewing the scene after players of the demo raised concerns that scene might cause offense to some. Hotline Miami 2 is a top down shooter series that follows a hitman who finds brutal ways to take out targets. Dennaton Games’ developer Dennis Wedin denies the scene was to drum up controversy around the game stating:

“We were really sad that some people were so affected by it, because maybe they had been through something like that of their own. That was not intentional at all. We didn’t add the scene just to be controversial. There is a meaning to these two characters. There’s a lot more to them than just this scene.”

1. Poirot (po-a-rue) Comes Back From The Dead

38 years after the release of Agatha Christie’s Curtain, the hero of the series Famous Investigator Hercule Poirot is set to return in a new book series. Matthew Pritchard, the grandson of the famous writer will collaborate with esteemed writer Sophie Hannah to restart the series. When fans last saw Poirot his adventures were cut short by his death. Like James Bond and Sherlock Homlmes, Piorot will rise again and on your book shelves in September 2014

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