The Torch Spotlight: We Happy Few

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In the dystopian  past of the 1960s, We Happy Few tells the story of an alternate reality in which German occupied England in World War 2. This retro futuristic alternate version of the 1960s find residents of the city of Wellington Wells are literally drugged up on happy pills. Those who choose not to take the ‘Joy Pill’ are beaten and harassed until they do and the Protagonist has just decided to stop taking their pills.

We Happy Few is created by Compulsion Games known for their third person adventure puzzle retro game Contrast. Compulsion seems to have a very old vintage style to their games that I really like, it reminds me of Tim Burton’s style in someways. We Happy Few seems to follow its sister game with a dark retro old yet new view of the world and while it looks really cool, does feel rather sinister.

With a pledge of $250,000 (CAD), they have already reached $174,181. They also have a Pre-alpha gameplay for those who want to see the game in action. Check out their Kickstarter page for information on Backing Rewards and Updates. 

Compulsion Games Facebook Page

Compulsion Games Twitter Page

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