The Torch – Now Expanding

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As you might have noticed, we changed the name, design and layout of the guide. Apart from this obvious change we’re also expanding.

We are now looking for new writers, photographers and models. As you might or might not know, this guide is run entirely without profit and therefore we can’t offer much more than the experience. Izzie Morgan, chief editor, is an educated journalist and therefore this guide will be dealt with as a regular magazine, with schedules and deadlines, so keep that in mind before applying.

We’re looking for people of all ages, both RL and SL.

If you’re interested in one or more of the jobs or if you have any questions, contact KennieM Resident or Morphman Resident inworld (Send a note card Please, just found out that our IMs are capped) or send an email to

About Writers:

Your job will be to visit the locations and take in the full experience, then sum it up in 3-500 words. We are looking at newbie-friendly locations, cheap stores and places that offer freebies and advice to newbies. When doing this, you should also look for the destination’s main group and advertise the article there and, if possible, get a quote or two from the owner/creator.

Besides the experience, you will be pick out freebies/dollarbies/cheap for the models and you will also be able to direct photographer for the location pictures.

What you need to apply for this job: Knowledge of how to teleport, be able to write in english and know how to look for the owner of the location.

Sections to apply for:

SL Destinations Writers

Fashion Writers

Advice Writers (aimed at older residents or those who have experience in all things SL)

About photographers:

You accompany the writers to locations and take as many pictures as you can, (not only the ones the writer directs you to take). You will also be needed at Photo shoots (Models will have to take direction from you)

As photographer, you should always ask for permission before taking pictures of someone else or their property!

Apart from experience, you’ll get your name attached to all photos and articles they’re published in and you get creative control over the photography.

What you should know before applying: How to take photos, how to change the environment settings and camera controls (all of these can be obtained through the one-hour photography class at Caledon University).

Sections to apply for: All Sections apply

About models:

Your job is basically to look pretty in front of the camera. You will wear what the writer directs you to wear and stand in a studio (where we have all the animations you’ll need) and let the photographer take pictures of you.

We’re looking for models of all shapes, colors and most sizes (no giants :P).

Apart from the experience, you get your name attached to all photos of you and you get to keep the clothes you’re modeling with.

What you need to apply for this job: an avatar with a shape and skin you like, preferably with a selection of hairstyles

Section to Apply for: Fashion Sections Only.

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  1. hi!!! i`m shino7 and im quite interested in the model position for fun and would like to konwn more
    about second life world fashion

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