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Brian Blessed Withdraws from show after Specialist Advice

Legendary actor Brian Blessed has pulled out of his production of King Lear a week after collapsing during a performance. The 78 year old continued his performance after his collapse but was adviced to step down by his medical specialist. Blessed agent, comments,

 “Mr Blessed’s heart condition is more serious than he was aware. On the advice of his specialist, and with a broken heart, Brian has therefore been compelled to withdraw from the production of which he is so proud.”


Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer released

Marvel’s Fantastic Four has finally released it’s teaser. The reboot of 2005’s Fantastic Four, was originally announced by 20th Century Fox in 2009 and was to be released in March this year, but filming did not begin until May 2014. Fantastic Four will hit theatres on August 7th 2015.

Jay Z takes on Apply and Spotify.

American Rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z has decided to take on music streaming services Apple and Spotify, by making a $56m bid one. Aspiro is a Scandinavian Company that is the creator of WIMP and Tidal. WIMP is the main competition for Spotify in its native land Scandinavia. This also puts Jay Z in direct competition with Beats Music which was Co-founded by Dr.Dre but was brought by Apple in 2014. This merger began in December and Aspiro has welcomed the bid stating:

 ” The independent bid committee is of the opinion that Panther, indirectly owned by SCE and controlled by Shawn Carter, possesses the proprietary relationships, industry knowledge, as well as economic strength and the necessary commitment in order to realise Aspiro’s strategic plan of expanding the company’s business and brand globally”

Relay For Life 2015 Season Announced
Relay for Life comes to the virtual world of Second Life for it’s
11th Season. Teams come together from all over the world to hold events on behalf of the American Cancer Society, and raise money for cancer research. Beginning in 2009 they have raised $2.5million towards cancer research and have teams from over 80 countries worldwide. Second Life’s relay season begins on March 7th 2015 and will end in August.

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