“The Shelter” Review; a “Noobs” Perspective.

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Two weeks into Second Life and still happy over small victories; (like stopping my Avatar from typing when I do). I was asked to write my impressions of a place I found my first week in. It’s called “The Shelter”, in “Isabel”… a soft landing spot for newbie’s and a refuge for the travel weary.

Shelter Volunteer, Wolmet Whitman and Shelter Contributor, Pat Littleboots

I found the Shelter on a note card from a welcome center, recommending it as a newbie friendly spot. After 1 hour in the shelter I felt for the first time in SL,  some sense of comfort and security; greeted in an hospitable manor , with offers of help with many basics (from both volunteer staff and regulars).

My first impression of the Shelter was much like an International Youth Hostel. The Shelter is spacious, clean looking, and well laid out. The main space has a sitting area in front of large windows, a big  dance floor, and tables on the side with various games. Downstairs are two very useful rooms for newcomers: A set of private change rooms (so newbie  Av’s need not fear ending up nude in public ), and a spot folks can set as home, for easy return.

Perhaps it is this positive vibe that others there feel also; as I quickly came to learn many regulars continue to frequent the Shelter… helping newbie’s, dancing, or just enjoying each other’s company.

I asked FireEyes Fauna, Co-creator of the Shelter about his thoughts. It seems his original objectives line up well with my impressions. He expressed pride and pleasure recalling established SL’ers he has met who credit the Shelter with giving them a good start.

The Shelter Noticebroad showing Weekly Events

Facilities: Info board, change rooms, dance floor, DJ’s, games tables, weekly activities, pool deck, local shops outside, money tree, home spot.

Information for Volunteers, Contributors and Shelter Forum


Pros: Very newbie friendly, good facilities for entry and pit stops, friendly people, fun activities.

Cons: Very few; some noticeable lag on crowded events. (You should see what a dance line of 10 cool

looking Av’s in formal wear looks like  J)




Shelter Changing Room


Rating: PG

The Shelter


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