The Romantic Spots of Second Life: Ajax’s Romance Garden

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It’s that time again, last year around this time we talked about relationships in Second Life. We gave our page to three couples who wanted to share their stories about meeting each other and falling in love in the virtual world. Well this year, we thought we would look at the Romantic spots of Second Life, the places where couples go to relax and enjoy their relationship. Since our Haunting of Second Life series was so popular, we are going to do the same, but this time adding a few pictures along with the articles.

First up is the magical garden, Ajax’s Romance Garden, one of the first romantic spots in Second Life that you are likely to visit (since it’s on the destination guide). With love songs streaming 24/7 this is the perfect spot to bring your loved one on a date. There are events in the Romance Garden ballroom, you’ll have to join the group to find out more information. Why is it called a Romance Garden? Well that is easily answered with these pictures be low.

Romance_Garden_006 Romance_Garden_005 Romance_Garden_004 Romance_Garden_003 Romance_Garden_002 Romance_Garden_001

Why not bring your Valentine to a romantic picnic at Ajax’s Romance Garden?

2 thoughts on “The Romantic Spots of Second Life: Ajax’s Romance Garden

  1. Hi there, just been reading your blog and thought y’d like to know I’ve just opened a romantic gallery portal called ‘Gateway 2 Romance ‘ which allows you to view and teleport to some of the best romantic spots in Second Life.

    It is free to use. The location is: /203/2824

    3 romantic designers are supporting me with items for a contest currently running in the gallery.

    There are 2 arches with mistletoe to kiss your lover, kissing next to the Christmas tree, cuddle rugs, dance heart and romantic music. Come and check it out and enjoy using it. Thanks and all the best. Peteey

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