The Renaissance Hunt – So Far

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Fashion Writer Look Stoop and I went on the new Renaissance Hunt, and got a lot of awesome stuff. Let’s get the review bit of the hunt out-of-the-way.  It was not to hard and not to easy, the right kind of difficulty for a Second Life Hunt. The hunt clues were very clever in some destinations and others seemed as if they didn’t even bother trying to make or hide the hunt gift. There was a maze, which was once again the right amount of difficulty, not too easy not too hard. It was mostly the destinations that intrigued us more than the prizes. The different Renaissance and Medieval themed places amazed us, and peaked my already developed interest in the Medieval culture of Second Life.  Worth doing for the destinations, some gifts are good, others not so great.

For more information on the Renaissance hunt, check out their blog and the hunt will be going on until the 31 December 2011 so get in it while you can!

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