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Well shut my mouth and call me stupid, the OUYA sold out in mere hours! I have to admit when we heard


that Android was creating their own video game console, we chuckled a lot ( back then I thought Android was creating the OUYA, after some recent research, I found out that Android was just the OS and not the ones actually making the console). Coming up against the Steam Box, Xbox One, PS4 and the WiiU? There was no chance that the OUYA was going be popular.

But hey, we can admit when we were wrong. The OUYA went on sale on Tuesday (06/25) morning in the US, UK and Canada through Amazon and other popular gaming retailers. On Amazon US the console was sold for $99.99, and after a few hours , Amazon reported that it was ‘Temporarily out of stock.”

History of the OUYA

Founded by game industry veteran Julie Uhrman in 2012. the project was funded via Kickstarter and with in 8 hours of its campaign it reached its goal and continued to climb ultimately reaching a grand total of $8.5million.

So what does this mean? OUYA could be the new generation of consoles, with its success, it means that like games, kick-started consoles could be the new norm.

But who knows? What do you think?

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