The Order: 1886 (MCM London October 2014 Coverage)

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The Order: 1886” is a steampunk 3rd person shooter. If, just by that sentence, you feel like you won’t like the game then you probably won’t. The game is exactly what it says on the tin.

You play as moustachioed protagonist with what is often thought of as a regular London accent. So a relatively posh accent to most people in the UK. The demo starts right at the start of a fire fight. You burst through a door and dive for cover. You are then taught the firing controls. Your main weapon is a rifle of sorts that fires two different types of rounds. The main fire is what I call ‘barrage fire’. Rather then fire one round at time, it fires dozens at once. It’s like a shotgun but fires like a machine gun. It was pretty jarring. But then they show the secondary fire which is firing a fiery sticky bomb. You fire it like an RPG round but it sticks to people and walls. If it hits a person, that person goes up in flames, pulling them out of cover while doing some serious damage. If it hits a wall it stays there until you shoot it upon were it explodes with fire, destroying cover and setting people alight or just blows them away. I think the primary and secondary fire where the wrong way round because I used the fiery death grenades more then rifle shotgun rounds. They both seemed to be used by the same ammo counter because I had plenty of rifle rounds and by my knowledge, I couldn’t see a grenade counter.

After some target practice, a police officer runs into the open and gets shot. So you have to do the drag a person to safety while shooting your pistol routine. As an added note, the pistol seems to be pretty accurate of the time. It’s like a mutated version of a Mauser which it odd because the main weapons are steampunk up the waazzo. For example, your primary is the rifle shotgun with fiery grenades and your partner has an electro gun. A full on electro lighting gun that fires lighting. Would of thought that that they would of give you a laser pistol or something. I guess it has something to do what makes this Victorian world so steampunk.

Back to the demo. You drag the guy to safety and the guy is obviously dead. There wouldn’t be any drama otherwise. But it creates a quiet moment where you have have a look round a closed off room have a look at some pick-ups. This was the point where the game felt most like “Uncharted”. With Ready at Dawn being started by ex-Naughty Dog people it is understandable. But after I thought that, I couldn’t shake that feeling. The cover based combat, the shooting mechanics, the layout of the levels. All very “Uncharted”. After a look about in the room, you solve a ‘puzzle’ by melting a boiler and making your way out the back. Yet more enemies show up but your given free reign to fire at will to get rid of them. You can shot away the cover and make them all stand around while you shoot from yours. It’s quite fun for a while. There where a lot more enemies then I would of liked but maybe with different weapons it would have been more fun. As the demo said at the beginning that it was somewhere in chapter 3, I think that could easily be changed just by playing the rest of the game that would come before.

After the shooting, you make your way to a courtyard where a cut-scene happens. As the bad guys name, or at least their organisation is named, an explosion happens with an ambiguous ending cutting to title screen.

Playing the demo got me pretty interested in the game. I always was because it’s a steampunk game and I like steampunk. But that feeling of it being a game that uses some of the notes from “Uncharted” dulls my feeling slightly. The game does seem very good but I’m not sure if it will convince others who don’t have a PS4 to go out and get one. For those that already have one the game is a must buy. It has a lot of polish and it’s fun. Not so fun that it’s worth spending several hundred on a new console. So it’s a very good game, but it’s not a console seller which saddens me because I really like the setting and want more steampunk games.

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