The Left Overs (Metal Gear Solid V, Black and White Bushido, LEGO Jurassic World, Godzilla)

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Here area the games that didn’t fit into other categories and articles about “Legends of Gaming Live”.

“Metal Gear Sold V” had a closed of booth and eventually I got to play it. It had quite the queue for quite some time. I only managed to play one level and in a open world, sandbox game it can usually equate to very little in the game as a whole. What I can talk about is the mechanics and the mechanics are pretty good.

William Morris, 2015 “Legends of Gaming Live 2015”
William Morris, 2015
“Legends of Gaming Live 2015”

Moving the series to a more open sandbox has done a great good for the game. Before, the progress was more liner, more here’s is problem solve it with stealth or whatever guns you have. There is is that aspect but then only having one entrance, you can loop round the back, weaken then move in or my personal favourite tactic, go sniping from yonder hill and nick supplies afterwards. It creates options which means the problems you face can be more varied than guy is in the way and you can pass when there isn’t a guy in the way.

One thing I didn’t manage to play was the base management side and I really wish I could of as it sounds really interesting. I did get to ride the horse which was kind of fun but didn’t see any other the other assistants.

Overall, it was really fun. But it’s the sort of game I’d play through over many weeks or months. Exploring and immersing myself in the the world so I can say that playing it at an event is really not representative. If I did get a review copy now, if my speed playing that section is anything to go by, I might have a review done by say Christmas.

A new game that got showed off was “Black and White Bushido”. The stage presenters made a big thing about this being the official debut of the game at an event in the world. Turns out, the reason why they made a big deal of that is they made it. At least by the lead press people Endemol as it was made by Endemol Shine UK.

William Morris, 2015 “Legends of Gaming Live 2015”
William Morris, 2015
“Legends of Gaming Live 2015”

Anyway, it is in the style a one-screen multiplayer game that is been popular as of late. You can play as either a light ninja in white or a shadow ninja in black. You choice has an effect in the game as the arena is split into white and black areas. If you stand still in your area, light in white area and shadow in black area, you turn totally invisible. As long as you don’t move. With 4 players playing it can be quite the advantage if no one saw where you hid but in a one v one match there really isn’t much need to hide. You can pick up items like smoke bombs and throwing stars but they aren’t a real advantage most of the time.

Overall, the game is good but like all the other one-screen multiplayer games, whether it lasts is really up to your personal taste. There are many games like it and the experience is not that substantial after you’ve played it a while.

“LEGO Jurassic World” is a game I’ve talked about before at other events like MCM so here is the short of it. It’s like other LEGO brand games so doesn’t deviate from the tried and tested formula of gameplay. Still means there is a fair amount to do regarding various collectables. You can take that as a recommendation.

I had never played the “Godzilla” game till the event but I had seen the bad reviews. I am slightly more forgiving but the game is still very bad. You play as Godzilla and you go into arenas with the task of destroying a G-energy generator. You can destroy all the human defences as well but there is no real need to. The worse they can do is stun-lock you but they do barely any damage. The only mandatory thing you have to kill in levels is other kaiju monsters that appear. But they also do barely any damage compared to your unstoppable and unblock-able super attacks. Then there is the movement controls. For some reason they thought that binding the turning controls to the shoulder buttons was a clever idea. On top of that you move so slowly that going anywhere in the small arena take ages.

The only redeeming bit of fun that I ended up having from the game was using the camera to make my own “Godzilla” movie in my head. If I had it I’d end up just using it to machnima myself a Godzilla movie. Apart form that, the game is terrible.

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