The Jungle, A little more Tarzan, a little less Jane

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The Jungle

Owner: Lion Valentino

Rating: Mature (thou it has some adult oriented content)

I’m just going to say this right away, if you’re under 18 or have a problem with mens clothes that reveal a little more skin than usual, you can stop reading right now, because we’re gong to The Jungle.

The Jungle isn’t one shop, but rather six shops with different products that all share a common theme; sexy male bodies. That’s right, today we’re going to cover that subject!

The freebie shirt along with a pair of shorts

Walking from the landing pad via a path through the jungle, I heard remixes of some of the latest hits from the radio accompanied by roars of lions, trumpets from elephant trunks and the occasional cacadua chatting in their own, chirping language. Right away I saw something I’ve never seen before. There, right next to the landing pad, was an exchange machine to exchange Linden Dollars to USD, EUR or £BR at rather favourable rates.

Trough the trees I saw something that almost made me choke on my coffee. There it was, KREUZERZ, the first shop. Here I found several pair of jeans, short and long, all sharing this one thing in common; they all had the zipper open and came with the option to either show your underwear, or the thing under the underwear. This shop is for you cruzers out there! (Ed. not.:A cruzer is a man who likes other men and show this by gathering on special cruzing spots along with other men and… well, I’ll try to phrase this as PG as I can… make love on the ground.)

Right across from KREUTZERZ lies JUNGLE WEAR, the main shop in the area. Here I found 3 floors filled with mens clothing. It was obvious from the start that the store is trying to

Chilling by the sea in a brand new pair of jeans and a hawaiian shirt

appeal to the homosexual men, but most of the clothes were really good in general. They don’t have much naughty clothes, just some (very) shortcut jeans and some underwear showing a bulge (even thou some of the bulges were really detailed). I picked up a few outfits myself here. The prices are rather steep, if you’re looking for complete outfits, but the singles are at a moderate 80-300L$. You’ll find everything from shoes and boots to pants, shorts and underwear, to shirts, sweaters and hoodies, to hats and caps. Walking out of JUNGLE WEAR I also noticed a freebie shirt, that was far from ugly.

Turning left from JUNGLE WEAR I found the aptly named STRAPS, wich holds leather and latex for those into that sort of things. I didn’t take a close look on this store thou (as time grew short), so I continued to LIONS MANE, where I found all sorts of male body hairs. If you need hair for any part of the body, in any style, this is the place to go. A bit steep price, but it looks realistic.

Who said a fat clown can't look hot in the sun?

Between the last two shops, I found the only shop that sells women’s clothing, WATER BABIES. This shop has all sorts of swimwear for both her and him. As with STRAPS, time

forced me to move on quickly and I didn’t get a chance to look closer.

Facilities: Teleport at the landing pad, L$-RL money exchange kiosk, subscribe-o-matic for news and free gifts, gayclub.

Pricerange: 80-600L$

Lag: 3 (little to no lag)

Newbie friendliness: 5 (You don’t need to know much more than how to shop, but you’re not likely to get help if you don’t)

Personal rating: 7 (I personally like this place, even if I’m not gay. Great clothes and a really cozy atmosphere)


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