The Haunting of Second Life: The Last House on The Left of Sexy Mamas.

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I have to admit this one was a weird find. For those of you who have no idea what the title means, Sexy Mamas is a store that offers clothes and other pregnancy items to Residents that wish to experience family life in our virtual world.

Ironically in a place where the beginning of life is celebrated, there is a part dedicated to Death. Apparently this place is on the SL’s Top Haunted Places Tour and Hunt for this year but it was around long before then and I didn’t even notice it was the haunted places tour until I came to take a picture of the place for this teaser..

This place is a traditional haunted house, with a bit of a spin it, it’s amazing not just because of its location but because well, it’s fun. It’s interactive and great if you just a place to have fun with your friends and give them a bit of a scare. And with all Haunted Houses, there is a ….secret in the basement.

Visit the Last House on the Left of Sexy Mamas, it is deliciously cheesy, fun, spooky, and worth checking out.

(small note: I know my directions are wrong, it’s actually the last house on the right then left of Sexy Mamas, but that is a bit of a mouth full don’t you think?)


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