The Haunting of Second Life: The Haunted House Ride

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In the days leading up to Halloween we have been looking for the most haunted places in Second Life. We’ll be checking out what we think are the best places to get a good, bad , or just plain surprising scare in our fair virtual world.

Just a little note: This will be a small summary of each place. I will try my best not to give away any spoilers. See this as a teaser to wet your curiosity, we really want you to visit and experience these places for yourself. Right, now on with the scares:

There is a wild ride like no other that a waits you. Filled with frights that will trigger memories from your childhood. Each room from start to finish will put you face to face with monsters, murders and ghouls from your past, the one you use hide from under the covers. Careful, they might be feeding off your fears.

The beginning takes some time to get use to, it’s a ride that you really have to sit back and admire what is around you. It’s more of nostalgia trip, than anything else, well…that is until you pass the motel. That’s when it really gets interesting, it’s really something you must see to believe.

Check out the Haunted House Ride, watch you step between cart and the platform, we don’t want you to fall through to your death..

Just yet.


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