The Haunting of Second Life: The Haunted Coal Mine

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This is the only haunted destination that will not be a teaser, I will be spoiling this one because I think it deserves a fair mention. While doing research for this teaser, to my dismay I found that the destination was gone, so I’m going to give as much detail as I possibly can for this, since I can’t get any pictures, I did manage to find a video of it on Youtube, which I’ll add it to this article.

The Haunted Coal Mine, was filled with atmosphere not only from the surroundings but also from 1930s music that played on the media stream. That seriously added to its creepiness. It did not rely on jump scares, it did have them but they were used in a professional way and were not used all the time, meaning you could visit the mine  several times,go through the whole thing and not once come across a jump scare then when you think you’re safe and go through again, BAM! right there. One example of a jump scare was in the elevator that took us from stage to stage,throughout the mine. The first time we went to the haunted coal mine, a face grew out of the wall appearing out of no where behind us. There was no noise, if we hadn’t moved ( I turned around to get a good look at the elevator) we probably wouldn’t have seen it, but we did and it did make us scream and had us on edge every time we stepped into the elevator.

Venturing deeper into the mine, we came across various doors, and once we entered those doors, we were taken to different places, one was a hell mouth, where you would unknowingly summon a demon, and another place that I remember was a serious mind screw. It was a world where everything was bigger than you, and I’m pretty sure you were meant to be an insect, that was the feeling I personally got from it. The more you walked through this world things would be come distorted and crazy and it really had you wondering if you were ever going get out, because the doors, that usually meant an exit back into the mine, would play tricks on you. You would think that you were going to exit finally and walk through a door only to find that it brought you back to the beginning of that world.

Then there was the mine cart ride, where you had lava pour beside you as you zipped through it and a huge demonic face grins at you as you go by.

The Haunted Coal Mine was a haunted place done right, it was filled with frights that would make think that you were never going to get out. You really got the feeling that the creators enjoyed making this place and it’s really sad that it didn’t last.

Check out the Short Walkthrough of the Haunted Coal Mine. It is actually A LOT bigger than what is shown in the video.

(Note: If it does still exist and I just couldn’t find it, please send us an email  and let us know that it’s still there, with slurl. We really want you guys to experience this place for yourself.)

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