The Haunting Of Second Life Continues: The Shadow House

It’s Halloween once again and the haunts that occur in the virtual world of ┬áSecond Life have returned. It was almost a year ago that we gave you a taste of the chilling, twisted and horrific locations of these disturbances and this year it continues. We will begin with the Shadow House

The demon Yuumei is terrorizing the poor villagers of Touryuumon, to punish them for their insolence, he takes their village and replaces it with the Shadow House, a haunted ground on which none of the villagers would dare to tread. The villages cry out for hero to save them from Yuumei’s punishment.

Well, Yuumei seems to have his hand full playing Realtor, demons these days…

I heard he was a powerful demon once, dealing in souls. I guess the recession is hard on every one now a days.

So do you have what it takes to face Yuumei?

If so visit the Shadow House.

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