The Haunting of Second Life Continues: Dee Refugee

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Last year we visited the Isle of Dee, a medieval themed role-play that focused on the tension between the two Snapshot_002occupying races, the humans of the City and Wyldings of the forest. With the added mix of the Merfolks of the sea, tension between these races are higher than ever. things become even more complicated when the residents of Dee awake one morning to find that the island is sinking. The Wylds and humans pile onto a ship which crashes into a desert island,  As they make them selves at home, the residents mourn the lose of their beloved  Isle. How ever, they soon find that they might not be the only living beings on this island. 

Something is lurking in the shadows, hunting the remaining survivors. They will have to put their hatred aside and work together if they want to last on this new island.

The continuing story of Isle of Dee comes after the lose of the main sim in Second Life, but you know what they say, you can’t keep a good story down. even if it turns into a nightmare.


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