The Haunting of Second Life: Caledon Middlesea

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Caledon is one of the largest steampunk themed communities in Second Life. It is also home to something more sinister in its seas.

Caledon Middlesea is an island in depths of Caledon’s Sims that hold a dark secret within its bowels. As soon as you land you are trapped, with no way to escape and the only thing you can do is explore.

I tried to get a good landmark for this, but the landing point is fixed to the airship above the land so when you land there you’ll be on the airship. Just go outside and jump off but try to avoid the creatures that lurk in the water who would love to taste your flesh.

Visit Caledon Middlesea to uncover the mystery hidden in its walls. What is it, you ask? Well the answer is so RICH you’ll DIE when you find out!


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