The Game Awards | Not-LiveBlog and Discussion (Part Two)

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This is the second part of my not-live-blog post thing so go check out the first part if you haven’t already. Otherwise, hello again.

Back to the awards with the main cast of “Uncharted 4” to present Best Art Direction. Wait, Uncharted is nominated and the cast of Uncharted are presenting the award? I guess their not winning then. It would be really self serving if they did.

And they didn’t “Inside” wins. The monochrome design is very good so I’ll go with that. Then the voice of god doth say thine had won Best Independent Game also. Seriously, what is with this award show and awarding the awards via voice over instead of presenting them. They’ve done it to more awards then ones they’ve awarded in person, 3 in person and 4 by voice over!

And back to the world firsts. First for Telltales latest series for “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Very interesting. Only thing it says though is there will be 5 episodes for PC, console and mobile. Not even a predicted release date. So maybe not till late 2017 or 2018 as they haven’t finished the Batman series yet.

Then they go into a commercial break. Ok, this is twice now. You not on TV any more Mr. Keighley. You left Spike Remember? You don’t have to have commercial break when all your doing is streaming it. If anything, it would make dealing with China easer if you cut the adverts. And maybe you’d have enough time to awards all of the awards properly. Ads were for Skyrim Remastered and for the next Hearthstone expansion “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan”. The voice over for the Hearthstone bit was either Billy West or Mark Hamill. Never actually thought till just now how close West’s raspy crook voice and Hamill’s Joker voice sound. That was the most interesting thing from the last 5 minutes.

And holy fuck, what is that thing?! A robot, razor, man… thing? America, can I just take you aside and say how bloody insane your adverts are sometimes! Why the hell do you need a sentient man shaver to sell razors? It’s a razor! Just say “it’s cheep and sharp” and you’ll sell just as much. Your almost like Japan in you want for everything to have or be mascots. It’s weird to see. I don’t want to have most the the Home and Household department staring at me and saying I watch you when you sleep. Have the NSA for that.

Back to the awards with a ‘seamless’ plug for “Steep”. I am now to the point were I’m really missing the BAFTA Game Awards and their lack of commercials and in show ads. How many ads will you have till you are satisfied Game Awards? How many?! I fear… to many.

Good to see Conan O’Brien have a spot, this time awarding Best Action Game. Via pre-recorded video. Really? If you couldn’t get him to show up on the day live because of his show schedule then get someone else. You are literally phoning it in right now. Anyway, “Doom” wins. Again, won’t argue with that. For shooty, gory fun Doom is a good choice. At least the voice of god didn’t say they won something else off stage this time.

Now for the YouTuber segment, presented by iJustine and Game Theory’s Matt Pat. Err… ok, not the YouTuber award. It’s the Games for Impact award. I don’t get the connection with the presenters. When you thought ‘games with a message award’ you thought ‘YouTube’? Considering I know you have a online personality award somewhere, the connection to the presenters seems off. You would think you’d get the YouTuber with a YouTube Red show to present the YouTuber award.

And the winner is “That Dragon, Cancer”. That’s deserved. Quite a few games on the list were ‘messages from history’ type games and I think we need those more then ever. But, a fair win. It’s a very powerful game. I had to pause to take in that speech. That was one right from his heart and it’s good to see that much love and passion not just for the industry but for his backers and his family. Well done sir.

And from that we go into ‘an award through voice over’ for the Chinese fan favourite award for “League of Legends”. Awarding though voice over? Again?! And use that as a way into another commercial break? After that speech I thought you had a soul. Turns out not. Ad’s were for Doom, Horizon: Zero Dawn, FIFA 17 and a prologue for the Trending Gamer award and their Facebook Live stream. I knew there was a YouTuber award. If there isn’t a YouTuber awarding it you have wasted Matt Pat.

And another world first. This time for “Dauntless”, a free to play co-op action RPG. You have me interested. Looks fun. Would be good to see more.

And now for the Trending Gamer award presented by Peter Moore of EA, of all people, presented by Intel. That’s a lot of presenters. You really wasted Matt Pat. Why not get the guy who has a YouTube Red show to present the YouTube award. Anyway, Boogie2988 won. He’s always been a very even handed guy towards the industry so it’s well deserved. Here he’s well respected so well done Boogie from us.

And on to another world first with Cliffy B’ for “LawBreakers” and a Beta in 2017. From there to the Linken Park/JayZ mix? Been a while since I heard that. I actually like the song. It was for a live action (or bloody good GC) trailer for “Titanfall 2”. A game I actually quite like as well. Then came another trailer for Hearthstone. Just the base game but Christmas-y. Then back to the Assassin’s Creed VR experience. Moving on…

More awards via voice over! Seriously, have less commercials and maybe you fit them all in. You can’t say “we can’t fit them all in” when you come back from an 5+ minute ad break on a live stream! Just rattle them off. Yeah it’s boring but at least you can award the awards. Listing off a few more: Best RPG Game goes to “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine” (isn’t that DLC), Best Strategy Game goes to “Civilisation 6” (the old masters of Friaxis), Best eSports Team goes to Cloud9 (I have no idea), and Best Music/Sound Design goes to “DOOM”.

And that was a segway it for some METAAAAAAAAAAAL! Ok. This bit was cool. By cool I mean fucking sweet! Oh, the world has come a long way since the original DOOM was decried as Satanist evil. Not metal is amazingly mainstream.

With that, I’ll break off there. You can check out the last part of the not-live-blog-review post thing here.

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