The Game Awards | Not-LiveBlog and Discussion (Part Three)

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If your starting here, you in the wrong place. Go to part one then part two and come back. These posts are a bit weird.

On comes the founder of Insomniac, Ted Price for Best Performance. And it goes to Nolan North. He’s a good dude. He comes to MCM London a lot. But then comes something interesting. North chimes in on the big #PerformanceMatters thing. If you don’t know, the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AKA: SAG-AFTRA, AKA the voice actors union and others) went on strike over contract agreements and pay which caused a divide among voice actors. Those in the UK (and London especially) have become very accustomed with strikes over the years, (mostly from the RMT and now Southern Rail) but we also have a history of strikes (look up the Thatcher Miner Strikes). North in his speech pulls down the strikers and holds up the developers saying their performance matters more then his because without them, he has no one to voice. It is a valid point but this is something that isn’t going away any time soon and it gets right into the minutia of game production, acting and the industry as a contracting, paying entity. The best thing to do is for you to do some research yourself as there is more to this then I can say here, and more sides that I can represent here. It’s gets complicated. And as strikes goes, a little messy. But it was a nice note for North to make. Was well reasoned and considered.

From a serious tone to another world first. This time for “Prey”. All I can say was, that was Bioshock-y.

Right, another break. More ads: “Dishonoured 2”, HP’s OMEN PC with Geoff from Rooster Teeth talking about what actually happened for one of the “Destiny” raid videos, and VR showcasing with terrible acting.

On comes Michael Phelps for the Best eSports Player. It’s safe to say I have no idea who any who these people are. Winner is Marcelo “Coldzera” David. ESports is not my forte so I’ll pass there.

Then comes a founder of Respawn Entertainment to present Best Sports Or Racing Game. Why combine those two categories? Did that few racing games come out? There was only one racing game on the whole list and that was the latest Forza while the rest was football, MLB and NBA. What’s most odd is Forza, the only racing game nominated, won. Considering the outside US popularity of FIFA and the mostly US nature of the panels, I can’t help but think that if the awards were outside the US FIFA would of won instead. That may come across as a little conspiratorial, surprising considering that I don’t play or much like sports games or FIFA as an organisation, but I just think the Sports and Racing categories should be separate. Again, did that few racing games come out this year?

Moving on… Reggie! Reggie! Reggie! I like Reggie Fils-Aimé. He’s always fun on press stages. Kind of like Satoru Iwata. Always willing to have a little fun. As he says, “my body is ready.”

What it was not ready for was another damn world first of Zelda. At this rate Treehouse is going to Lets Play the whole game by the time the game comes out. I’m ready interested in the game. But the Switch has to not suck first. Talk about the Switch!

God fucking damn it! Another ad break! You start with Gadgetzan again so I will fast forward and skip all of them. Two awards since the last ad break. Two! Moving on!

Back from the ad break… FOR ANOTHER WORLD FIRST! Your not E3! Stop acting like it!Award awards you bastard! I know it was for “Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment” but your a bloody awards show!

On comes Mark Cerny to present Best Narrative. It goes to Uncharted (mostly unsurprisingly).Was it me or did they not seem like they knew they had to go up? Anyway, I won’t argue with the win as I’m a big fan of the Uncharted series. But also considering it was the last outing of Nathan Drake (most probably) it’s a bit of a send off.

A straight back into the Assassin’s VR thing. With a movie clip. And more fucking adverts! You trying to set a record for having the least amount of awards at an awards show? SKIP! Leading to a “Halo Wars 2” world first. I love RTS’s and I wouldn’t mind Halo Wars but you have soiled me show with your shear amount of ads. SKIP!

Finally another award, Best Direction, presented by Tim Miller of all people. He’s a good film director so won’t hold it against him but wouldn’t it be good to have a game director present? The winner is Blizzard with “Overwatch”. Interesting with Miller awarding as I would think Blizzard should just go into film making with how good their shorts are. Wait. They already did “Warcraft” and spent most of the time in either world building mode of just talking about lore. Maybe get someone else to write the script. Oh. And low, the voice of god doth say thine also won Best Multiplayer and Best eSports Game. Not going to award popular awards like multiplayer in show I see.

They still managed to squeeze in a competition for a sponsored, custom PC. Something for those web returns. Oh… and more… FUCKING ADVERTS! SKIP! Back to Assassin’s VR again… SKIP DAMNIT!

Now for the Rae Sremmurd musical segment. I’m not hip with the trends so no idea who they are or what song their doing. Oh that song! Well now I don’t know who they are but know I don’t like their music. Can we have DOOM metal back? Please? SKIP!

Oh hi Burnie! I like Rooster Teeth so good to see Burnie and Ashley. Wish is was under better circumstances. The winner of Best Action/Adventure Game is “Dishonoured 2” and that was the way to accept an award here. Maximum ‘no give a fuckery’.

As quickly as it came, all the fun left. To Telltale’s Walking Dead world first. If this ad heavy crap goes on any more I’m going to be the Walking Dead. New characters my arse! What’s your topper? Clem. SKIP! Moving to… the rage… it’s building… ADDDDVRRRRRTS! Just skip so hard my brain explodes!

Back from the ads to the “Mass Effect: Andromeda” world first. It took long enough. Not just from Bioware but from the show. Well someone’s been playing Destiny I see. And No Man Sky. Really? Hunting and crafting is an interesting addition to an RPG. Do it wrong and it will break the game from the outset so will be interesting to see what they do with it. Otherwise, it just looks like another Mass Effect game so not much change mostly.

And finally, we come to the last award. Game of the Year. Must of been a slow year for all but shooters judging by the nominees. And the winner is “Overwatch”. Can’t really deny that one. It was one of the most played and well received games of the year. I’m not much of an esports or multiplayer kind of guy so out of the list it wouldn’t of been my own personal choice. Before you go “oh you would have gone for Uncharted” I will stop you there and say I would of gone for “DOOM”. Fast paced shooty, gory, jumpy fun with a story that was self aware without falling into self reference. It was a re-do that built on not what just came before, it also saw DOOM 3 and saw where they messed up (that being most of that game). Part sequel and part modernising re-make while still keeping it accessible to new players.

So that ended the show and my thoughts on The Game Awards are my god that was terrible. I’m going to recycle my ‘least console like consoles’ line and say that was the least awards like award show I’ve seen in a long while. Maybe ever. To open the curtain a bit I had to go back at the show three times to get through the whole thing. It was that shit. Shows like this make me glad we have the BBC as the BBC has no adverts because TV licence tax funding. The whole show was just trying to be E3 with all of it’s world firsts while also having American style ads, that being every 5 out of every 10 minutes dedicated to adverts. You’re an awards show. It’s in your name. Your called The Game Awards Show! Award awards you bastard!

This was a bit of an experimental post doing a not-live-blog so I hope you enjoyed it with my more instant remarks to what was going on and some of the more in depth talks I wouldn’t of been able to do if I did this live. Although, you can probably still chart my decent into madness from my tone. It’s pretty long but if you enjoyed it make sure to say here or at your social media as I’ll do this more often if you did.

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