The first year – A look back at The Torch 2011

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This year has brought many fine memories to us at The Torch SL Guide, much have happened and we have had great success… And it’s all thanks to YOU!

We want to take some time now at the end of 2011 to look back at some of the places we’ve been to and some of the people we’ve talked to and see what have happened since we were there last.

First out is my own very first article, Grendels Children. The store itself haven’t changed much, but a lot of avatars have been added. The prices are still great, not many items go over 100L$ and there are LOADS of freebies to be found. Flea has really outdone himself since we last saw this place 11 months ago. A lot of recognizable characters from old and new popular cultures, with a great price makes this my favourite avatar store of the year.

Next up is The Jungle, the naughty clothes shopping mall for men. The changes are few, but noticable. A lot of effort has been given to the new items of this year, and even if you’re not into the LBGT movement, this is definately a store you should check out if you’re a male avi. Great prices and a huge selection makes this my favourite clothing shop (or mall) of the year.

Ah, Replugged, the club that made me go into SL DJing. It was the first club I played at and it was a sad day when it closed. Recently, Topas Zane re-opened the doors and brought back the classic look that we all loved. It’s no surprise that Replugged is my favourite club of the year.

Caledon, the massive, 55 000 square meter continent devoted to steampunk have helped me a lot throughout my first SL year. With free classes at Caledon Oxbridge University I learned how to script, build and take snaps. This is 2011’s best learning centre.

It was with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye that I wrote the Survivors of Suicide Project article. Because of my past experiences with someone close to me falling victim to this horrible thing, it touched me that there are so many people out there devoted to help those who need support. SoS is definately the best Helping Hand of 2011.

These were my favourite articles of this year. If you have any, please, leave a comment below. For now, have a great ending of 2011 and an even greater start of 2012.

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