Books: The Fever Series Retrospective Recap

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Before we start on this book, I have give you a bit of a warning. The first two articles were as vague as I could write about these books.

Oh yeah, this book as a great deal of sex in it, so it isn't really for kids. It's more adult.
Oh yeah, these book as a great deal of sex in them, so it isn’t really for kids. It’s more adult.

Unfortunately I can no longer do so, I gave as vague as a description of the plot without giving the story away because I really want you guys to read this series. It’s really awesome but going on to Faefever I realise that, I am going to have to spoil a lot for you. So we are going to take this from the top and explain the first book, Dark Fever, again the Second book Blood Fever, has a lot of good bits in it, but as far as I’m concern you’ll have to read the books to find out what they are.

I am not going to Spoil the endings because then you’ll know what happens at the end, but I am going to go over the characters and the main story line for these books because well I have to. When there is juicy bit of story line I’ll put spoilers in big letters. So lets begin.

The Main Plot

The Fever series follows the adventures of MacKayla Lane (also known as Mac), a 22 year old from Georgia USA who travels to Dublin Ireland after finding out that her sister, Alina Lane, was murdered. However upon reaching Dublin she quickly notices that everything isn’t as it seems in the Irish capital.


There is a secret magical world of Fae running around Ireland. Normally these grotesque monsters are hiding from normal beings by glamour (the ability to cloak their true selves from being seen) but MacKayla is special because she comes from a long line of Sidh Seers, human beings who have the ability to see and sense Fae Kind. Her powers not only allow her to see through Fae glamour but also sense objects of Fae origin. In Blood fever, it is revealed that she is also a null, a rare sidh seer who can immobilze a fae by touch.

Speaking of Fae objects, Mackayla receives a cryptic message from her sister, telling her to find a book called the Sinsar Dibh, a magical and very evil book made by a Fae called the Unseelie King and could, in wrong hands, bring around the destruction of our world. It seems everyone is after it, and this book is what attracts Jericho Barrons to MacKayla.

The Characters of Dark and Blood Fever (Important to the story)

As I explained in the Dark Fever Retro, Mackayla Lane is a strong-headed women who is independent and has her own sense of morals. At the beginning of the book she is very distrusting of everyone she meets in Dublin, especially the mysterious character of Jericho Barrons, whom she meets in her hotel room. She has a strong sense of family and worries about her mourning mother and father from time to time. Hell, the whole reason why she travels to Dublin in the first place was to find closure for her mother and father by helping the police catch her sister’s killer. In Bloodfever, she even goes as far as to force her father, Jack, to leave Dublin when he comes looking for her because of her distrust of Barrons and her need to protect her father. (despite revolutions at the end of Dark Fever and the beginning of Bloodfever.)

Jericho Barrons (also known as Barrons), as I stated before, is a mystery in the first three books, little to nothing is told about him expect that he is very well-connected in the fae world and the real world. He is also very Feared by some of the other characters in the book. Mackayla and Barrons first encounter is in his book store Barrons, Books & Baubles. While out for a walk she wonders into his book store and asks his cashier, Fiona, if they had a book called Sinsar Dibh. Barron over hears and this is what attracts Barrons to MacKayla. Their first offical encounter face to face is in Mackayla’s hotel room, and this is where Mac’s distrust of Barrons begins, it is also where they partnership begins. Barrons is a cold person, at first treating Mackayla (along with other characters of the story) as a dumb blonde, spoilt American who knows nothing of the ‘real world’. While introducing Mackayla to his world, he out right treats her as if she is nothing but arm candy or a fae object detector (which Mackayla nicknames Oops or Object of Power Detector). In Bloodfever Barrons begins to warm to Mackayla, taking her under his wing and teaching her about Fae kind.

V’lane is an Seelie Prince who appears to Mackayla the first book, he has ability to teleport and has a large amount of power over human females via their sex drive making them pri-ya also fae sex addicts and want nothing else Mackayla nicknames this Death by Sex. Through the first two books of the Series V’lane is introduced as a feeling, as soon as Mackayla seens him she wants to have sex with him. He takes a strong ( as well as sexual) interest in her wanting her to help, in Bloodfever, V’lane saves Mackayla’s life and an uneasy alliance between the two begins.

In the Bloodfever Retro, I spoke about the theme of the book being family and how Mackayla is introduced to a group that could have been taken as her surrogate family. The first night in doubt Mackayla meets Rowena, an old rude woman who knew about Mackayla’s family before she did. She also ….Spoilers….hinted to it at the end of Dark Fever.

Bloodfever explores the character a bit more, introducing us to a family of Sidh seers, unfortunately for Mackayla she is not accepted by this new family. I won’t say any more about Rowena, only that…”I flipping hate that old woman.’

Dani O’Malley is a 13 year old sidh-seer who becomes a part of Mackayla’s life, almost a young sister to her. She sharp, caring and very skilled in killing fae. She becomes an ally to Mackayla but it is hinted that she has something else up her sleeves. Although to Series had five books when this retrospective began three more books have joined, these books surround Dani. Next week we’ll continue our look into Fae Fever.


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