The Fever Series Retrospective: FaeFever by Karen Moning

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” Forced into a dangerous triangle of alliance with V’lane, a lethal Fae prince, and Jericho Barrons, a man of deadly secrets, Mac is soon locked in a battle for her body, mind, and soul.” – Faefever

I’ve decided that this is the last book, I’m going to give an in-depth look into since after this book there are two reminding that looks through Mackayla’s eyes and I couldn’t give the story without spoiling a lot of it for you. So you want to find out what happens next? Go find the book series in your local library or on Amazon.


When we left Mackayla she just met a group of sidh-seers led by the old woman, Rowena. She also made a very uneasy alliance with V’lane, the Fae Prince. After receiving pages from her sister’s diary MacKayla feels that she’s getting closer to her Alina’s killer. First she has to deal with sidh-seers trying to kill her, so much for a possible new family. Rowena now sees MacKayla as a threat wanting only the Spear that she wields, resulting in not only the death of another Sidh-seer but something that MacKayla might not be able to come back from.


With Mackayla’s alliance with a Fae Prince, readers are given an insight to the world of the Fae. The history, the lore all given in this book.


A bit more character development is given to Barrons, he has now become very protective of Mackayla, going as far as to ask Mackayla if she slept with V’lane and following them when ever they went out together. It is obvious that Barrons has some sort of feeling for the girl that borders on sexual desire. He even stated several times that he could take her if he wanted to, but he doesn’t showing he doesn’t just see her as someone he can have sex with. It is also hinted that he isn’t human, or at least he doesn’t think of himself as human. Barrons has his birthday in this book and Mackayla lovingly makes him a cake, which he throws at the wall, grabs Mackayla and shouts at her not to try to humanize him.

Mackayla’s relationship with Dani grows closer and although she distrusts V’lane she does see him as an ally.

And Rowena, I hate her so much.

Faefever was a good read giving a better insight into Fae kind  and the world of Fae. You will begin to see the relationship between Mackayla and Barrons grow and you will begin to realize that there is something more than just a guy and a girl. It is also the book that marks change in the series and Mackayla’s story is coming to an end and another one is beginning, there are just two more left Dreamfever and Shadowfever.

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