The Fever Series Retrospective Blood Fever by Karen Moning

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“I used to be your average, everyday girl but all that changed one night in Dublin when I saw my first Fae, and got dragged into a world of deadly immortals and ancient secrets” – MacKayla Lane

Bloodfever follows Darkfever following the story of MacKayla Lane as she continues down the dark path in search of the magical book that, in her mind, cost her sister her life. In this book readers see how MacKayla’s family is being affected by her decision to leave home as her father travels to Dublin to look for her. Readers also follow our character as she is pulled into a dark world of Wealthy collects, Mob bosses, assassins and dealers. Mackayla also interacts a bit more with other characters, such as, a Fae Prince who is…charming, so charming that he could charm the pants off you, literally, a katana wielding 13-year-old and a run in with the old woman from the first book, how is head of a group of young, special women and knows a lot more about the Lane family than she is letting on.

The Plot

This book surrounds the theme of family and blood ties, this is seen through the main character’s connection to other characters such as her father who comes looking for her and her mother. She also continues trying to piece together the life her sister had before she died, often referring to her relationship with Alina and what would happen if Alina was still alive in contrast to a situation that she has found herself in. MacKayla also comes across characters can could be her surrogate family (Dani and Rowena and the girls under her leadership) who are also connected her by her background and the book.

The Characters

There are more characters in Bloodfever than before, the character development between Mackayla and Barrons has grown a bit since the first book. Mackayla is still herself, headstrong and worried about what she is getting into but she seems to enjoy it a bit more than before and is more open to the things that are happening to her, nevertheless she still has her emotional moments. Barrons is still his tough self but seems to soften towards MacKayla, it is clear that he has a secret and all the characters around Mackayla know it. Rowena from the first books get a bit more development in this book into something that readers might hate by the end. The Fae Prince is a suave and interesting, could be seen as a competitor for Barrons in the eyes of MacKayla.

Bloodfever is an interesting continuation to Darkfever, adding new characters and developing older characters. Next time we’ll look deeper into the life and history of the books real themes, the magical side of the Fever Series when we look at Fae kind in the next step, Faefever. 

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