The End Of MacKayla’s Story: Shadowfever by Karen Moning

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““Evil is a completely different creature, Mac. Evil is bad that believes it’s good.”” Shadowfever

Mackayla Lane has been on the journey of a life time, from loosing her sister, to travelling to Dublin in search for Alina’s killer, she had no idea her life would become what it is now. When she begun she had no idea what she was getting herself into, now it has come to a head. The wall between our world and the fae world is beginning to crumble and Mackayla is beginning to see that things will never be the same again.

Shadowfever is the fifth book of the Fever series and the final in Mackayla’s story. It was a truly amazing journey seeing her grow in front of us as a character. This book sees not only the reveal of Alina’s killer but the epic battle between Fae and humans and Mackayla meeting someone who she thought had been lost to her a long time ago. This book is a fitting ending to MacKayla’s story, as you read about what the character is going through, you can feel a sense of helplessness and empowerment Mackayla gains in her travel and which contributes to her growth as a character and by the end you will feel that her anger is justified towards those around her.

Personally I enjoyed the Fever Series so far, and I’m not sure that I’ll continue onto Dani’s story, but if I do pick up t ‘Iced’ I’ll have a look and write something down about it. Karen Moning as a writer is very creative in her stories, and does an excellent job of creating an immersive universe that her readers enjoy. Although on the adult side of the book shelf I would place up there with the likes of Christopher Pike, Celia Rees and K A Applegate of Animorph’s fame. She created another series named the Highlander Series, and I strongly suggest that you go out there and read those books.

Since I forgot to add this to the other articles I’ll plug it here: You can find the Fever Series on Amazon in both paper back, hard back and Kindle Edition.

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