The Demonic Night Club – Fantasy Week

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On a industrial estate, somewhere in Second life you can find a place where everybody is welcome. Not only humans but every creature can enjoy their time here.

Inspire yourself and head over to the Demonic Night Club!

When you teleport it takes a while before all is rezzed. But it’s worth to wait, because the music here’s great if you like rock and metal. The Demonic Night Club is always open and there’s 24 hours a day live music streamed by great DJ’s.

You enter the sim on a crosspoint. From here you can walk outside and visit many shops. It’s worth a watch, because there’s a great variety of stores and the builds are impressive.

When you don’t want to shop, you can take the stairs down and dance with lots of people with the most diverse avatars.

The club has a grunge atmosphere with ia stagen the middle with impressive light effects where the dancers and the DJ do their act.

Around the stage you can find dance balls for couples and singles and this great club has 4 dance floors!

Recognisable visitors who were so kind to model: chesslyn lyric & nicolas schreiner

On the walls you can get information about the Demonic Dance club. You can find a board with information about the DJ and the music that’s playing.

Although the fantasy in the club is well represented by the art and the building, the realism of the furniture, like the stereo system, makes you feel like you’re in a real life party.

When I danced I saw the most amazing avatars. I danced between a wizard, demons, humans and lot’s of vampires.

It’s really a nice idea, that people can be here with the avatar they want and play the role they like, without bothering others.

For people that don’t want to roleplay. The place is safe for everybody. It’s for example forbidden to bite in the club and you’re not allowed to combat here.

And what’s nicer to meet other avatars and listening to great music in an environment where everybody can feel comfortable?

The place is great for new residents. First of all you’re safe here and you can explore several cultures in Second Life in just one club.

Aside from that, the Demonic Empire offers a safe possibility to purchase Linden Dollars in several ways without the need of registering your credit card on your SL account. You can find this in the huge mall in the south.

The Demonic Empire is a very active place. That’s why this place is also interesting for designers and creators that needs a store. And good news, there are still a few places for rent.

They’re also in need for good DJ’s and good dancers. If you have talent, it might be interesting to contact the owners.

Thanks WebMaiden Tomorrow and Rokko Luminos for make such an open and wonderful environment for the Residents of Second life!


[Editor added] In the comments section we got this link, where someone has made a video about the club. Check it out!

Article by: Justum

Photos by: Justum

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