The Bottom Line

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The Bottom line is a bargain basement store  on the Seabourne sim. Down there you will find many things from classy dresses to dungeons, all items sold in this store are priced between L$0 to L$99.

They sell period costumes, furniture and school clothing. They also have Neko items such as cages and clothing for adults and children which are  all at a reasonable price. They sell accessories such as hand bags, belts,  ties and bangles


They  have a small collection of men’s clothes plus  furniture including writing desks.

The store is a bit dark  and doesn’t seem too welcoming, there is no music on the sim but the overall sim is very lovely. There are two other stores here but for newcomer to SL this is a great place to find bargains and freebies. The store also has maternity department for the expecting mothers of Second Life




Newbie Friendly : 8 out of 10

Music well there wasn’t any on the sim so that a  0 out of 10

Overall Experience: 6 out of 10


By: Look Stoop

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