The Bitcoin Bundle

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Second Life and Linden Labs aren’t the only ones being affected by the rise of the Bitcoin. According to a press release from, top indie game developers are showing their support for the virtual currency by creating a bundle that allows Bitcoin users to pay whatever they want for four award nominated Indie Games.

Supporters include 2D Boy, Omai Systems, Spaces of Pray and Broken Rules,. All agree that it is a way for players and creators to become a step closer together.

The Release states that “Unlike other bundles this is entirely based around the Bitcoin. Not only do users buy these products with Bitcoins but the developers are paid in Bitcoins.”

Alex Amsei, the director of the Bitcoin Bundle states ” We created this bundle to be special, it’s exclusively handled in Bitcoin. We didn’t just want to have it as a payment option , we wanted to promote the currency itself. ”

Marek Pliche, from contributing Indie Dev company Space of Pray  comments: ” Digital distribution removed the need for publishers as the middleman between customers and game developers. Bitcoins might be able to do the same thing for all kinds of creative businesses and help them thrive.’

The Bitcoin Bundle will be available for 2 weeks starting on May 16th and ending on May 30th.

Those of you who have no idea what a Bitcoin is: It is form of virtual currency  much like the Linden Dollars of Second life, expect it has no central authority. It can be used to pay any one, anywhere in the world almost instantly and anonymously without having to pay any  bank charges.

To become a Bitcoin user, you can buy Bitcoins from any of the following companies (International; not UK), Coinbase (US), BitInstant (US), and BitBargain (UK). The Bitcoin Bundle uses industry leading technology from Coinbase to handle Bitcoin transactions.

The games involved in the Bitcoin bundle are DRM Free, they are available for PC, Mac and Linux and can also be found on Steam (subject to availability). For more information about The Bitcoin Bundle check out the website.

There is no doubt now that Bitcoins are beginning to not only affect our virtual  worlds but our real one as well. Are Bit coins a good idea or just a waste of time? What do you think?

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