Ten Reasons Why Star Trek Online Is Super Awesome Right Now!

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SpiderMan from Star Trek!!!
Spider-Man in Star Trek Online. Just one the weird things you’ll see sometimes.

In a couple of days Star Trek Online will be adding a new faction to list of playable characters. With this we thought we would do a Top Ten List, we have done one before about Aion, but this isn’t a list of annoyances, this is a list of what makes Star Trek Online awesome.

10 Tribbles

There are so many tribbles, they are everywhere. The little furry balls (hehe) even have missions surround them. You can also breed them, which is super awesome. By finding the right level food you can have your own powerful Tribble farm. Each bred Tribble also gives you awesome buffs!

9 Customise Like Crazy

From your ship to inside your ship to your clothes to your bridge officer’s right eyebrow. You can customise everything in this damn game. My team on the USS Jamaica have different looks for their different roles, Engineering/Operations have their stern stance and shoulder padded uniforms, Science/Medical officers have their thoughtful stances and striped t-shirts and the Tactical/Security officers just look like they want to kick yo ass.

8 Everything You Do In This Game Will Come Back To Bite You In The Butt,

It’s awesome when games have consequences to your actions. Here is the Captain of the USS Sweden VIII to tell you why. Every mission you do, every task you complete, and every assignment you give your crew will affect your stats. You get bonuses in different areas depending on your own personal play style. It enhances your style, making it unique. This is why there aren’t two players in this game that are the same, everyone is their own unique character with their own unique way of playing the game, even if there’s “only” 3 classes.

That’s right, so if you screw up it would mess you up real good, if you could mess up in this game.


7 Real Money Is Helpful But So Is Hard Work.

Here is the captain of the USS Sweden VIII to explain more.

The game uses three kinds of currency, Energy Credits, that can be used to buy low-grade equipment and exchange with other players. Dilithium, that can be used to buy medium-range equipment from the games Dilithium Store and Zen Cash that can be bought with real money and used to unlock features, such as extra clothing, extra character slots and new looks.
You earn energy credits in most of the activities you do, but assignments, missions and PVP/PVE grants you Dilithium. You can trade Dilithium for Zen Cash in the Dilithium Exchange, where people set a trading rate for how much dilithium they want per Zen coin. It’s a player-controlled stock exchange that enables you to grind your way to that character pack you always wanted!

6 So…Much….Content!

STO is filled with content, you could play for days and not even scratch the surface of how much you could do. *inhales deeply* You can…play the main missions, do To Boldly Go missions, you could do side quests, you can hunt for anomalies and set up your own market on the exchange.  You could do nothing but duty officer assignments, you will still level up by doing this and it will give your character another path (like stated before), you could breed tribbles, not to mention the scheduled events that happen every day at a certain time, you could do foundry, PVP, PVE, Replayable Chapters (where you have multiple choices).  You could do fleet missions (but you’ll need a fleet (guild)), you could do ground missions and in space missions and random encounters, and Borg encounters, and Klingon encounters and so many encounters your head will explode.. You can do crafting, scavenging, trading, stealing, killing, healing, fixing, damaging…. Sky’s not the limit anymore. Hell you can even sit around in DS9 playing Dabo, if you wanted to.

5 Missions Are Awesome.

The missions in STO are so crazy, and unique . The stories are in-depth, they actually had us discussing them here at the Torch EG. Here is The Captain of the USS Sweden to explain.

Each mission is unique and most will give you multiple choices. None of them will tell you how to do them, it’s all up to you, so the possibilities on how you progress are endless. Aside from the tutorials, there are no missions that will tell you “Go there, kill X and get Z of that item” and the main missions doesn’t require you to go all the way back to the source to progress, you can simply hail the quest giver to turn it in and get the next one.

One of the missions, where you are given a choice towards the end, had the two of us discussing to the brink of us shouting at each other on which path to choose, just to throw us off the bend when we came to a decision (I won’t spoil much, but his particular choice did not matter, as it turned out). You will find few guides to the game that will explain which path you should choose, because it is all up to you, you get positives or negatives no matter which way you go.

4 The Fan Service is Glorious.

Steamfeet demon
An awesome avatar with Steam boots. We also forgot to mention that some players in STO are pretty helpful.

Personally the Captain of the USS Jamaica isn’t a Trekkie, but…the captain of the USS Sweden is….

Through innovative story elements, you get to relive classic episodes, see what caused certain events in the series and movies or take part in what happened after. You will even get a few chances to change the course of history.

It is not only confined to the missions, there are many references to both the “old” universe and the “new” universe (from the new movies), such as each costume that have appeared on the show and in the movies, characters from the movies, or their descendants and landscapes forged in the series.

The captain of USS Sweden VIII, for example, choose to make his own character into a Star Trek Enterprise science officer, and his whole crew is outfitted in The Original Series gear, while the ship and shuttle is from Deep Space 9, however the interior of the ship (that you can walk around at any time) is taken directly from The Next Generation.

3 The Names People Give Their Star Ships Will Make You Chuckle

While the USS Jamaica VIII and the USS Sweden VIII aren’t the craziest names out there. There are a lot of people with really awesome crazy names for their starships, so within our Top 10 we will give you the top 5 craziest, funniest and most ridiculous starship names we’ve come  across on the Game:

5. Charles and the USS Darwin Would Cry

4. Snuggles and the USS Shamwow01

3. Doctor and the USS Re-TARDIS

2. Flint and the USS Tinder

1. Talvir and the USS Vinyl Scratch

2 STO does not Force you to play with other players!

…but they do make it easy for you if you want to.

Last year when we did our 10 Things That Annoyed Us About Aion, number one was the people. Annoying little grrrs that made the game unbearable. STO says here are the missions  you can play with others, but its no biggy if you don’t want to. Also, the main missions can be played either alone or in a group of up to 5 players. There are 5 spots in each team, each slot not taken by a player will be taken by the players choice of one of their away team officers.


“It’s aaaawesoooome, I loooove iiiiit” (Captain of the USS Jamaica). Star Trek has always been known for its music, from the early chords of the original series, to the amazing adventure that you can feel with Voyager’s melody, to the pioneering song of Enterprise. Star Trek really knows how to use its music. Nothing puts you more into the game than when you’re zooming into battle against the Dominion, True Way, Tal’Shiar or Jem’Hadar to the expertly crafted songs of Kevin Manthei.

I mean seriously how hyped are you when you hear this, while riding into Battle

If that doesn’t get you super pumped to kick some enemy butt, then I don’t know what will.

This is not even scratching the surface of all STO has to offer, this is merely our 10 favourite things about it. There is so much more to explore and with two factions becoming three, it is unlimited run.

Want to join the Federation? Or maybe fight along side the Klingon Empire? Or Just want to help the surviving Romulons? There is only way we know how to do that, head over to the Star Trek Online website and join now.

Written by Morphman The Clown & KennieM

In – Game Pictures by KennieM 

Star Trek Online Logo by Cyptic Studios 

Youtube Video provided by Soni77777

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