#TechThursday Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality and the VR/AR Race

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“I can carry nearly eighty gigs of data in my head.” -Johnny Mnemonic

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, VR headsets, holograms… it all feels like taken directly from Johnny Mnemonic or Neuromancer, but the technology is here, right now, as you’re reading this.

When you see what it actually is, all images of the futuristic, dystopian world will fade away though. Virtual Reality is still in its infancy and we are far away from the immersive virtual worlds we’ve come to expect of the technology.

Facebook, Google, Samsung and Microsoft have all jumped into what has become known as the VR/AR Race, the race to build the first fully immersive virtual reality infrastructure.

Facebook and Samsung have gone with Virtual Reality, taking the user to an entirely virtual world. Google and Microsoft instead opted on Augmented Reality, to add virtual elements to the real world.



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