The Next Generation of Virtual Worlds – #VirtualWednesday


I’ve ranted a lot in the past about how I don’t see a future in VR. Fortunately, some developers have not listened. We now have a host of new Virtual Worlds coming out, all based on Full Immersion Virtual Reality … read more

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Intellectual Property laws and Virtual Worlds

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Welcome to the Future of Virtual Worlds article series. In these articles, I will try to analyze all the things that speaks for and against the success of massive virtual worlds, such as Second Life and its future iteration, Project … read more

Does school computers help or hinder results?

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At the moment of writing, there’s a big buzz on British social media, after BBC reported on a recent OECD study that showed no increased results in pupil performance when introducing computers to the class rooms. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and … read more

MCM Midlands Feb’ 2015 Review

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MCM Midlands, Feb 2015

As MCM’s go, or conventions more generally, there was not that much gaming stuff on display. There was a 2 page spread in the show guide though. It briefly talked about “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain”, “Final Fantasy … read more