Technology that revolutionized Second Life Part 2: Restrained Love Viewer

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Originally created as an aid for BDSM roleplay, the Restrained Love Viewer – or RLV as it is known – has  found a wide variety of PG uses as well.

In November of 2007, one of the first third party viewers came out. It was called Restrained Life Viewer, but was quickly changed to Restrained Love Viewer after Linden Lab pointed out the name conflicted with the Third Party Viewer TOS. The aim of the viewer was to add features to Second Life that BDSM fans had been missing since the start. It was created by Marine Kelley.

RLV adds features that allows scripts to control the avatar in many ways. It can restrict what attachments you are allowed to detach, who you can receive Instant Messages from, your movements and it can even prevent you from, or force you to teleport. Each separate restriction can be modified to fit your purposes and you can even turn it off all together at will.

This safe restriction of the avatar was quickly repurposed to other areas of Second Life and allowed for very immersive roleplaying in all areas of the grid. If you have ever been in Second Life, you have probably gotten a request to change your Windlight settings (weather and lighting effects) by the sim. That is actually a RLV request. You have probably been to a maze or a first person shooter sim, where a box has asked you to restrict your teleportation. That is also RLV.

One of the main uses of RLV today is in child avatar accessories, to allow parents and guardians to hold hands, carry the child or decide what they should wear.

RLV is now part of most viewers, not including the official Second Life Viewer. You can still download the Restrained Love Viewer as a standalone viewer from their website, found through the Third Party Viewer Directory.

Because of the massive impact RLV has had on the community and the way we interact with Second Life, it has earned its spot on this list.

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