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Barton’s Movie Reviews | SHAZAM!

Having disbanded their cinematic universe, instead deciding to focus more on the standalone films for their array of superheroes, allowing them space to breathe and not be under pressure to have everything build to something major, the DCEU picked themselves up off the floor with Aquaman. After the disaster that…

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Trailer Park | San Diego Comic Con 2016 Special

With a new load of trailers arriving from San Diego Comic Con, It’s time for an extended special going through the comic related trailers. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/TorchEGSubscribe Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheTorchEG Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheTorchEG Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/thetorcheg The Trailers: Wonder Woman: Doctor Strange: Lego Batman Movie: Justice League Footage: Luke Cage: Honerable Mentions: Agents of…

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