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MCM October 2016 Coverage | Dead Pixels II, Light Nightmares, Forgotten Rooms

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Part one covered some some of the more family friendly previews from the show floor. Now to go on to some of the more horror orientated games. “Dead Pixels II”, CSR Studios/John Common (Self-published) Available on PC in 2017. Dead … read more

MCM Games, Part One (MCM London, October 2015 Coverage)

MCM Oct 2015 Cover

Another MCM has drifted by and it is time to waft my opinion over some of the things that were there. Let us start with my forte, video games. Because of the shear amount of games that get shown off … read more

MCM Comic Con London (May 2015): The Indies


While MCM is a place where the big companies can show off, its also a place where you can talk to some of the indie developers. Yeah I had no idea how to write the intro so lets just move … read more

MCM Comic Con London (May 2015): The Other Games


While “Batman Arkham Knight” get a whole post to itself, the rest of the games that were at the show get combined together. This is more because they were the ones effectively waving their arms about screaming “look at us!” … read more