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Intellectual Property laws and Virtual Worlds

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This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Future of Virtual Worlds
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Future of Virtual WorldsWelcome to the Future of Virtual Worlds article series. In these articles, I will try to analyze all the things that speaks for and against the success … read more

A Stroll Through the 2013 RFL Christmas Expo – Part 4


As I continued to walk the cobbled streets of the Peace sim at the 2013 RFLChristmas Expo, I was again struck by the number of great stores occupying this space.  Many are well known to me, such as Evie’s Closet … read more

Burn2 and Burning Man – What is it all about?

Many of you have probably heard about Burning Man or Burn2 and I bet quite a few of you wonder what it really is. I know I did, so I did some research into this event. Burning Man is an … read more

Thoughts From The Cyberverse: Are 3rd Party Exchanges dead now?

According to a recent post on the Second Life news reel, Linden Lab will try to allow some L$ retailers to still exchange L$ for other currencies. This would be possible through their new pilot program “Authorized Resellers”. Some rules … read more