GTFO, It’s A Grid Drive!

The residents in the virtual world of Second Life (SL) are always finding new and unique ways to entertain themselves in the vast virtual realm. From opening clubs, making clothes and building structures such as houses, anyone would argue that giving residents the right tools can help them to create their…

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Evolution of Chatbots

Evolution of the Chatbot

The artificial assistant has been around for some time now, since the mid-90’s Clippy for Microsoft Office. Today’s version is much more intelligent, and we helped it get there. Today we see them everywhere, as in-store assistants, as sales representatives and even as medical helplines. The chatbot has become so…

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SWTC by Cara Bristol
DC's Shazam!

Barton’s Movie Reviews | SHAZAM!

Having disbanded their cinematic universe, instead deciding to focus more on the standalone films for their array of superheroes, allowing them space to breathe and not be under pressure to have everything build to something major, the DCEU picked themselves up off the floor with Aquaman. After the disaster that…

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Jordan Peele's US

Barton’s Movie Reviews | US

Riding on the wave of success Get Out has provided him with since 2017, Jordan Peele returns with Us, a psychological horror that promises to get under your skin even more than his debut effort managed to. Peele showed innovation aplenty with Get Out, the social commentary apparent in the…

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Marvel Studios - Captain Marvel