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Official 2014 SL Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair Press Release!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2014 SL CHRISTMAS EXPO & WINTER BREEDABLES FAIR DATES:  DECEMBER 4 TO 15, 2014 WEBSITE:  http://slchristmasexpo.wordpress.com/ The 2014 SL Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair will open on Thursday, December 4th, 2014 and will end on Monday, … read more

A Stroll Through the 2013 RFL Christmas Expo – Part 4


As I continued to walk the cobbled streets of the Peace sim at the 2013 RFLChristmas Expo, I was again struck by the number of great stores occupying this space.  Many are well known to me, such as Evie’s Closet … read more

A Stroll through the 2013 RFL Christmas Expo – Part Two


This was another splendid day for strolling at the 2013 Christmas Expo Sims, benefitting Relay for Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society.  You could almost feel the crispness of the chilled air and hear the rustling of … read more

Spring Days: Day 2 Linden Realms

The second day of spring finds you walking through a bright and colourful forest. On your travels you find yourself picking up crystals of different colours. There is a rumble that seems to be coming from behind you… and just … read more

Second Life Walkthrough: How to Get Lindens in SL? ( How do I get a job?)

Second Life has its own, very active, economy and currency. It is called the Linden Dollar (L$) and is about 0.01USD = 1L$. Time  for a few FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions) Why do I need Lindens? To buy goods … read more

Romantic Spots of Second Life: Dreamscape Romantic Get Away

Dreamscape Fantasy Escapes are a string of sims dedicated to bringing romance to couples in Second Life. Originally a honeymoon getaway, owned by Mikhail Obscure and his Second Life partner Sophia Vanderverne, it features 11 unique and perfect locations to have an … read more

Things to do in Second Life – Week of February 17, 2013

Check out some of the fun and exciting things to do and see in Second Life this week: Fundraisers: 2013 Relay for Life: in Second Life Team Registration has opened!! Please see the websites below for more information: http://rflofsl.intuitwebsites.com/ https://www.facebook.com/rflofsl Contests: Catch the North Gang: The … read more