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Virtual Reality Worlds topped by Rosedale… twice


Philip Rosedale, the founder of Linden Lab (that created Second Life), left his company a few years ago to form High Fidelity. The new company aims at creating a brand new virtual world, using future technologies and truly immersive Virtual … read more

Second Life, Second Chances – Bringing fun back to SL

Second Life, Second Chances

Griffin and Justin McElroy co-star in the series Monster Factory, where they look at the character customization in different games and see how they can create the most monstrous of creatures the world has ever seen. One episode they found themselves … read more

The Next Generation of Virtual Worlds – #VirtualWednesday


I’ve ranted a lot in the past about how I don’t see a future in VR. Fortunately, some developers have not listened. We now have a host of new Virtual Worlds coming out, all based on Full Immersion Virtual Reality … read more