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Romantic Spots of Second Life: Dreamscape Romantic Get Away

Dreamscape Fantasy Escapes are a string of sims dedicated to bringing romance to couples in Second Life. Originally a honeymoon getaway, owned by Mikhail Obscure and his Second Life partner Sophia Vanderverne, it features 11 unique and perfect locations to have an … read more

This Week In Second Life – Sep 23rd

Continuing events: Arts: Virtual Reality by Mexi Lane In 1995 Mexi Lane painted a picture titled Virtual Reality. Today, with the technology available in SL, Mexi is turning the painting to reality. UWA Artists’ Choice Water Show The fourth Artists’ … read more

This Week in Second Life

  Continuing Events 5th Annual Virtual State Fair: Feral Hog Invasion, White Grub Tunnel, Wild Water Rapids, House of Germs…The 5th Annual Virtual State Fair week sponsored by Cooperative Extension is a four region extravaganza of exhibits, rides, art, music … read more

Roleplaying in Second Life: Meet Elizabeth Morgan and the Isle of Dee

Elizabeth steps out of the new home she now shares with her Lord Morrice, their journey was long and tiring but sure enough they made it  as far as their legs could carry them. They had settled on the Isle of … read more