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Fantasy Roleplaying in Second Life: Avilion Part 2

Our series, Fantasy Roleplying in Second Life, featuring the sims of Avilion is back with part 2, after a couple of week’s hiatus. In our first installment, we introduced you to the sims of Avilion. In part 2 we will … read more

Fantasy Roleplaying in Second Life: Avilion Part 1

Welcome to the start of a new series, Fantasy Roleplay in Second Life! This four part series will look take you inside the mythical realms of Avilion and will cover the people, places, and events of this great Second Life … read more

Fantasy Faire is Now Open!

Fantasy Faire, a very cool and fun Relay for Life of Second Life Fundraiser, just opened its doors to the public today!  Fantasy Faire brings together the various fantasy sims, roleplying groups, merchants, and more for your amusement and enjoyment! read more

Raid the Marketplace – Outfits for Ass Kickin’.

A few days ago the Destination guys did an article on a zombie survival sim and it got us fashion folk thinking, there must be some affordable clothes in Second Life that would be perfect for a bit of butt … read more