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Relay For Life in InWorldz Team: Roleplay For Life


Roleplay for Life consists of multiple roleplay sims representing many genres, Team captain Bim Rasmuson states:  Roleplayers as a whole are very “COMMUNITY” focused and are a natural fit for raising money for this worthy cause. In 2014, I decided we needed … read more

RFL InWorldz Kicks Off Their Season of Hope

RFL Kickoff 2015

August 8th saw the incredible start of Relay for Life of inWorldz’s 2015 Relay season, marking its 4th year since it began. Hosted by inWorldz residents Calliope Andel and Golden Touch and  ran by  RFL inWorldz Home Committee , this years kick off … read more

The Three Moon Planet Series ~ Part III


In the last two parts I talked about the essence and the culture of Gor. The Three Moon Planet Series ~ Part I and Part II. In the last part, it was concluded that the fictional culture somehow finds it … read more

The Three Moon Series ~ Part II


Master: “What are the duties of a kajira?” Kajira: “Exquisite beauty and complete obedience” In the last part, I left of hovering over the thought, the depth in the idea between an imaginary society of Gor and the real society … read more