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Press Rush, 3rd Feb’ 2017 (Gamescom Devcom, Banner Saga 3, & IMG Awards)

Press Rush feb 3rd thumb

A rather international rush looking at Gamescom, GDC, IMG Awards and another Kickstarter game. Loads of press releases to the rounds and there’s never enough time to go through them all. This show hopes to fix that. The Tuesday show … read more

Game Review – Children of a Dead Earth [Q Switched Productions]

Children of a Dead Earth cover image

If you’re interested in space, real-life equations of spaceflight mechanics, a glimpse into what future space combat might actually look like and isn’t afraid to learn a bit of physics, maths and engineering, this is the game for you. Children … read more

AtomP Discusses: Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks – Part Three

Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks

In the last article we looked at gamepads, a fairly profound shift away from classic PC gaming peripherals. Today we’ll be examining one of the older forms of PC peripheral, the joystick. This discussion on joysticks will look at regular … read more