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Something wicked this way comes in the form a fashion event, a celebration of everything that is dark in Second Life on this, the dark month of October. Venture into the graveyard, with your Linden bills held tight, or else … read more

Twisted Hunt Review: Seriously Twisted!

Watchers of Poe

Not ones to fail completely at something, the Torch SLG, took another brave wack at the infamous +DV8+Twisted hunt. Without a doubt we can tell you that this hunt is hard. Not so hard to make you wanna shoot yourself … read more

Twisted Hunt – The Payoff!


We tried out the Twisted Hunt earlier this month, and it was awesome. The -DV8- start zone, the first landing of the hunt Twisted Hunt has long been rumored to be the hardest hunt in SL and we noticed these … read more

Goth, Cyber and Punk in SL


Goth, Cyber and Punk culture is a big part of Second Life. Like in RL its a brings culture and difference to the world, challenging the norm while expressing their inner desires. There are a lot of Goth, Cyber and … read more