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Hidden Gems: T1 Radio & Legends Rock Club

On this week’s Hidden Gems, we will explore the home sim of T1 Radio & Legends Rock Club.  Legends Rock Club, created in 2005, is one of the oldest and first clubs of Second Life. T1 Radio & Legends Rock Club … read more

Roleplaying in Second Life: Goin’ Back to 1920’s Chicago

It’s the 1920s, things have changed. Women walk the streets displaying  their new-found freedom. Those who survived the first world war are trying their best to forget it. Prohibition roams the streets and brings with it new waves of crime … read more


Something wicked this way comes in the form a fashion event, a celebration of everything that is dark in Second Life on this, the dark month of October. Venture into the graveyard, with your Linden bills held tight, or else … read more