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“She Remembered Caterpillers” Review

she rememberd caterpillers banner

“She Remembered Caterpillars” Developer: jumpsuit entertainment UG Publisher: Ysbryd Games Available for PC (Reviewed on PC with press code) The two great things the game does feel completely disconnected. Saying that as the proviso from the off set because the … read more

Windlight Magazine Gallery Opening


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Grand Opening of Windlight Magazine’s Art Gallery & August Windlight Artist Fellows Exhibition   DATE: August 1, 2015   LOCATION: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Froien/172/111/23   Windlight Magazine, Second Life’s newest magazine about the arts, will open it’s brand new … read more

At the Paris Metro Art Gallery ~ Featuring Bianca Xavorin


Every month an artist is selected to be featured at the distinguished place in Second Life, the Paris Metro Art Gallery. It is a place for the emerging and the established artists to showcase their talent in Second Life and … read more

Seasons of Pink ~ Part I ~ Volunteer for Breast Cancer


The lush greens of THE DREAMING FOREST with beautiful sculptures are eye catching. The peaceful environment amidst the presence of nature is soul satisfying. While I visited the forest, I was greeted with a warm welcome by the owners of the land. The Dream … read more

Behind the Scenes ~ Bianca Xavorin


Art, the creative involvement of people viewing life from a different vantage point. It is to portray the outburst of feelings in an act such as dance or music or on a piece of paper or in capturing the moment. … read more

Celebrating 100 Years of Hope with RFL Christmas Expo


Irrespective of where you are around the globe, in our minds we all know that the holiday season has just begun. The symmetrical snow flakes falling on the Christmas tree reminds us that it is time for warm celebrations and … read more

Burn2 and Burning Man – What is it all about?

Many of you have probably heard about Burning Man or Burn2 and I bet quite a few of you wonder what it really is. I know I did, so I did some research into this event. Burning Man is an … read more